The Skagit Regional Airport (BVS) Master Plan Study is being undertaken to evaluate the airport’s capabilities and role, to forecast future aviation demand, and to plan for the timely development of new or expanded facilities that may be required to meet that demand.  The ultimate goal of the Master Plan is to provide systematic guidelines for the airport’s overall maintenance, development, and operation.

The Master Plan is a proactive document which identifies and plans for future facility needs well in advance of the actual need for the facilities.  This is done to ensure that airport management can coordinate project approvals, design, financing, and construction to avoid experiencing detrimental effects due to inadequate facilities.

Following Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines for a qualifications-based consultant selection process, Coffman Associates, Inc., was selected to undertake the Master Plan.  Coffman Associates is a national aviation consulting firm specializing in airport planning studies.  The study process is anticipated to take approximately 15 months to complete, followed by agency reviews and approvals.  The structure of the Master Plan follows FAA guidelines and FAA will review and approve the aviation forecasts and the airport layout plan (technical drawings of the current and planned airport layout).

Draft chapters of the Master Plan will be presented to and reviewed by a Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) that is comprised of various airport stakeholders, including representatives from Skagit County, airport businesses, tenants, area economic development interests, the Port of Skagit, and FAA.  Three public information workshops are planned at strategic points in the process to encourage citizens to learn more about the plans for the airport.


Due to the pandemic, the following video presentation will replace the in-person public information workshop originally scheduled as part of our study outreach effort.  After reviewing the video, you are encouraged to provide feedback and any comments through the “Comments” tab at the top right of the page. We would encourage you to submit feedback by November 30, 2020.